Rocket Exchange
An Introduction

We are building a new data marketplace using decentralized technology. We are bringing together data providers, consumers, moderators, and service providers to help power this marketplace.

Rocket Exchange Introduction

Data Providers

We generated over 2.5 quintillion bytes * of data per day in 2017 and this number is only set to increase. Unfortunately, most of the data is stuck in silos and only a few organizations have access to most of this data. The future of AI depends on the data that the models are trained on. The availability of diverse datasets will not only get these models to perform better but also speed up development. The biggest issue with sharing datasets so far has been - TRUST.

Rocket Exchange makes it easy to share your data with tools that provide you with trust, control and transparency in the overall process. You are in control of your data rocketship. Get started today and unlock new revenues streams with your data.

Rocket Exchange Ecosystem

Get Started

Download Rocket Exchange desktop application to access the marketplace.

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Download Rocket Exchange desktop application

Data Consumers

In the world of AI development, whether you are an enterprise or a small business you realize the importance of having the right datasets to help train your models and speed up development.

With Rocket Exchange, you now have a brand new avenue to tap into private datasets that have never been available publicly. Rocket Exchange provides you with the tools to directly connect with the data provider and share data in a secure and trusted fashion. Get started today.

Rocket Exchange Data Sharing

Data Moderators

Data Moderators play an important role in the curation of the datasets providing trust, validation and verification to all parties involved. Moderators will be rewarded for the role that they play in the Rocket Exchange ecosystem similar to the Token Curated Registry models prevalent in other marketplaces.

In order to become a curator, a stake is required. Anybody can become a moderator and this functionality can be accessed by downloading the Rocket Exchange desktop application.

Data Moderators

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Data Service Providers

Rocket Exchange is a decentralized ecosystem with several key functions fulfilled by partners and service providers. Storage, Data Aggregation, Data Labeling services are some of the areas we are currently looking for active partners.

If you are service provider and would like to contribute to the ecosystem, please contact us at